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Peyman Shariatmadar Ahmadi

The Manager

Industrial Engineer

After several years of experience Bentwood Art (Gogani) furniture is proud of reminding Thonet style furniture through his bent products.
Michael Thonet (1796-1871) was born on 2.7.1796 as son of a tanner in Boppard. He completed an apprenticeship as cabinet maker and, at the age of 23, established his own business as joiner and cabinet maker in Boppard. Thonet experiments with bending steamed wood to create furniture; Thonet and his sons begin to produce innovative "bentwood" furniture, which becomes know for being practical & refined.
Inn 1855 the Model No. 14 – the same model (code C101) in our catalogue – which becomes Thonet`s most famous chair design, is developed in the Boppard workshop.
In 1856 Gebruder Thonet receives a patent for the bentwood process of manufacturing; the Thonet family has perfected assembly-line production, becoming a major manufacturer of bentwood furniture.
The phenomenon about producing bentwood furniture must be quite interesting for who knows the hand arts. Forming natural wood (not slice wood) such as (walnut wood or white beech) to the direction of its fiber (bending wood) results in its resistance, beauty, slimness and lightness. All the joints in our products are with bolts and nut.
With taking part in 12 international exhibitions of home and office furniture, decoration and interior design caused to made us well tried to have the best products with high quality and achieve the golden statue for the best of 16th international home and office furniture and interior design Hofex and Medex 2006 and now we are one of the unique producer of this style as you can find this special style just in Italy, paris museum (Thonet products), and in iran (Bentwood Art).
Some hotels, theaters, Coffee shops, restaurants, different places social and cultural meetings were furnished with the most various models of our bentwood products, for example: Isfahan Cultural Heritage traveling & tourism Org. (Alighapoo), Homa hotel, Tehran Cinema home, Chain restaurant of Napoly -italian restaurant in iran - (located in Qeytarieh, pasdaran, Yousefabad, Jordan, MOlasadra), Romana restaurant (in Shariati & SaAdat abad), Monaco international restaurant in Jordan, White spot (in Golestan), Aghigh Traditional restaurant (in Jamaran), Tehran Endowment, Niavaran coffee shop (in niavaran St.), Donat Coffee shop & Gilak restaurant (in Park prance bldge), Arike coffee shop (in Ashrafi esfahani), Salerno restaurant (in shariati St.), Steak house (in tajrish Sq.), Romans Coffee shop (in ferdosi St.), Atieh hospital, Traditional restaurant in Arg bam, Mes Coffee shop (in Sari City), Yousefabad Traditional restaurant (in Yousef abad St.), and …
Nowadays in some countries, the same style has numerous production, but there is massive difference between our style and these products, this is the main point which is worthy in our production procedures.
The mentioned producers do not use natural wood; they use many parts of slice wood and then will shaped these parts by some machineries easily and there is no dependence of human hand here and even with no allocating much time for that, we call them curved wood not bentwood products.